Friday, January 30, 2009

Wake Up!

God is alive!
I'm part of it.

Monday, January 14, 2008


As a Roman Catholic Church born man I, like many others, by words of whom who lived with Jesus and remembered his words (…), was taught to respect, to love and help people. Like many others, I learnt how to behave, to forgive, and being touched by others suffering. Like many, many, maybe too many others, I was taught to respect the Roman Catholic Church Institution.
Well, like many others, I have noticed that instead of helping people, as it was supposed to do, this institution has being by far too long, preaching one thing and doing exactly another.
Let’s first check what historically happened:
As we all Know after Jesus(…) died, this institution started as small congregations being pursued and exterminated by the Romans.(…) Then one day, Paul of Tarsus, a roman centurion who, after demanding many killings at the arenas, ( it was him but could be one other, because there’s always someone who compassion touches), and also because the roman empire was collapsing, gathered a few Christians, the ones who were hoping to finally stop the sectarian killings and desolated by the cowardly of their priests, therefore, waiting for a really powerful leader, like him, in the way he has presented himself to them as the chosen one the one who was going to liberate them, and started to impose the rules that were accepted already for generations and was the support for the Jewish faith, the Old Testaments, complementing it with a few texts, supposed to be written by the hands of Jesus's Apostles. As it happens to everybody and everything, the Roman Empire fell apart and finally started the still durable problem; the campaign for the conversion of the world: " Our God is the only one of the Universe, which is all ours, the Saint Roman Catholic Empire! "

my name is Tarssan
( To continue...)

Saturday, January 12, 2008

The world is infected!

My friend, the world is infected! There’s a virus in the air.

We can’t breath pure air, we can’t drink clear water, and we can’t eat healthy food. We can’t think properly, we can’t live our own lives.

Our ancestors turn themselves over in their tombs. Our younger learn vanity. Our old people die as they were born; with nothing on their minds. Men and women live even more different lives.

It’s time to change this scene! It’s time to fight for what we humans were born for. Peace, Freedom, Fraternity.
No more false ideas to say nothing. No more lies. No more false promises to the children. No more ambiguity of ideas. No more futile exercise of excessive power.

Let’s clear the air from phantoms created by the one who is interested only in power. Let’s clear the air infested by religion propaganda. Let’s clear the air of ignorance.


Hi! My name is Tarssan

Hi! My name is Tarssan.
Tarssan the Super man, the Super man of the ideological jungle.
Well, that's what it is, THE WORLD WHICH WE LIVE IN IS A JUNGLE. But not a jungle where the living things are in concordance with the habitat they live. In the real jungle where since millions years ago every living thing it's in its own conformity. Nature, to the exception of ourselves, gives them everything they need, and in spite of the who's living or who's dying law, the strongest or the weakeast, the hungriest or the just lonely feeder , the fight is survival.
Well, I was born in the unreal jungle. They say I was born to command. I don't know, I need to survive. And survival for me is being in a state of a peacefull mind and unfortunately they don't let me. Everything and everybody let us dowm. What's going on? The world is a dement animal with a dement mind.
Be Aware Tarssan has arrived!
Yes, My name is Tarssan. Keep in touch. Don't turn your back on me and shout out loud your rights. I'm gonna shout out loud mine.
My name is Tarssan